Updated Sales!

Hey everyone! It's been a while :) Currently living on my own and out of my parents house and bills are stressful :') so I've updated my sales page, added some new items and reduced prices. Every bit helps!

Sales found here

Permanent Sales Post!

~Rules for Purchasing!~

- I received sales permission on November 21st, 2018 by areica96.
- You can find my feedback here (http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/crashdiamond182/)
- Community rules always apply.
- I don't mind selling to non-members, but banned members are a no-no.
- I am US based, specifically in Georgia. I don't mind shipping internationally, but she's gonna be pricey.
- I have a dog and he sheds quite a bit. For those with severe allergies, do some serious thinking before purchasing!! <3
- Payment via PayPal
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
- I may take a bit longer than 2-3 days to ship, but I work full time and I'm in college, so cut me some slack here ;-; but I will definitely have packages shipped out within a week at the most!!
-Haggling is welcomed! But please don't be offended if I say that an item's price is firm or if I reject your offer ;-;
-I am on Instagram under the user @squigglesquish and I tend to check IG more often than LJ so if you have immediate questions that need answering, feel free to contact me there!!
-Most of my prices are based on ebay prices OR what I've seen on here/paid for.

-SHIPPING PRICES: Anywhere in the US, shipping starts at $4. Shipping to Canada starts at $9.50. Anywhere else in the world, it starts at $13.50 ;-; my deepest condolences to my international friends.

Updated: 17 July 2020

Mini figures - $1
Takara TOMY Azurill Egg Plush - $75 $35 (This is what I'm seeing them go for on ebay, not MIP. Feel free to send an offer)
Diorama Figures - $8 OBO (insert for set with charmander available) SOLD: Marill, Charmander

Sandshrew/Sandslash lot - $12 $6 (willing to sell items individually)

Pikachu and friends zipper coin pouch plush - $15 $10
Mantyke Plush (I think it's banpresto) TTO - $5
1998 Hasboro bean bag Butterfree, loved condition - $1

WCT Detective Pikachu talking Psyduck plush MWT - $7 (bought this guy at walmart, his tag is still intact and not wrinkled, he hung out with me for my whole shift lol)

Banpresto mini Drilbur Plush - $3
McDonald's Axew Figure - $1
Tiny Ceramic Togepi Mug - $2
Seaking Charm Figure - FREEBIE
Rubber Bulbasaur Coin Pouch (?) - $12 $9

Pink pokemon cup, features Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Chansey - $6 $3
Clefairy Figures - $1 each
Wigglytuff Magnet - $1
Rubber Jigglypuff Coin Pouch thing (?) - $9

Fuzzy TOMY poliwhirl plush (stitching undone on hands, supposed to be attached to body) - $1
Poliwhirl hanging charm - accepting offers
Poliwhirl MegaBlock - $1
Totodile coin bank - $2
Weird lego Wooper thing - $2

Rare pokemon bells, each make a different sound! - $10 each $7

Poliwhirl lot - $12 $9

Squirtle mechanical pencil - $1
Black Pikachu Pen - $1
Multicolor Pikachu Pen - $1

Snorlax Lot (Willing to sell individually) - $22 $15

All-Star Sanei Skitty plush - $15 $10
German clear cards (?) - $1
Espeon ChouGet - $10 $6
Cubone keychain - $1
Marowak clear figure - $1
Squirtle rubber bath toy (has initials of previous owner on the bottom) - $2
Pokemon With You Squirtle pin - $1

Pokemon Roller stamps
Bulbasaur, Psyduck, Charmander - $2
Raichu, Lapras - $4
Case (holds 3) - $2 or free if you buy 3+

Roller stamps
Pikachu - $6, Dratini - Accepting offers
(case colors available: pink, yellow)

WCT posable figures
Torracat, Datrix, Mareanie - $3

Pokemon Center GAME FREAK cyndaquil plush - $11 SOLD
Starters + pikachu lanyard - $2 (has a small tear, can provide more pictures)

Various pokemon pens and pencils, $1 each

Kid Figures - $1
Legendary Kid Figures - $2
Deoxys Megablock - $3
Regice chocoball figure - $1

Pokemon Center Feebas Charm - $2
Black/White starters plastic foil coin - freebie
Jumpluff charm, artist unknown - FREEBIE
Flat rubber pikachus (they came on some earbuds I bought years ago) - free with any purchase

Pidove charm, fits in Pokeball - $2

Pokemon watch - $1
Hoppip minicot figure - $3
Corphish, Darkrai, Bonsly chocoball figures - $1
Vileplume pencil topper - $1

Pokemon XYZ card container - $2??

Team rocket sticker sheet - $3
Team rocket sticker - $1
Happiny sticker - $1
Palossand cards (sold together)

Japanese pokemon sticker flake set, poli blok for size reference - $2


Sinnoh Pokemon Guide, cover has seen some better days but most pages have little to no wear! - $3


NON-POKEMON SALES ITEMS (Under Construction)

I sell premium squishies, stuffed animals, kawaii figures, etc. on my instagram @squigglesquish! Everything must go!!

Lots of gets + Grail Get + a question. (Very image heavy.)

So the mailman delivered THREE packages to me today. Three. And I also have some gets from last week that were too small to post about. So here we go! The goods will be under the cut! Thanks to serpifeu, polahbear, and any other sellers I forgot to mention!

Collapse )

And really quick, does anyone have any info on this adorable little Ditto diorama? I'm looking to buy one of these little guys. :) Also looking for other diorama figures, but this guy is top priority.

Weird Pokemon Plushes (Probably Bootlegs)

So, being a Pokemon collector, I'm always kinda lurking around for some new finds and I always seem to stumble across some weird ones so I'll be posting them here when I find them and where I found 'em.

So first up is this Chikorita.. I found him here and I'm not entirely sure if he's a bootleg, but something is just very unsettling about how large his forehead is. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Then we have this Kyogre... My question is, why are his eyes that far down? That's not how a Kyogre looks? I just... No words for this one. Found him here.

Non-Pokemon Sales

Hello! Welcome to my personal store. Here's where I'll be selling anything non-Pokemon related, being apart of PkmnCollectors.

-No begging. Seriously, that crap is overrated.
-International shipping WILL be more expensive than US shipping. That's a given.
-All pricing is BEFORE shipping fees. Be sure to ask first.
-First come, first serve. That's how it goes.
-I'm always down for trading, so lemme know! I like plushies and weird stuffed animals. And pokemon stuff, of course.
-Once I send off your item, it's no longer in my control. I can't help you if it gets lost.
-No returns. Sorry.

Felt Christmas reindeer antlers. (Two sets, brown antlers + tan antlers.) - $3/$5 for both.

Plastic Sanrio Hello Kitty iPod 4 case - $3
Silicon Rubber Rilakkuma iPhone 5s/5c case - $9

Brand new, never been worn, Pink Fuzzy Pig Hat - $6

Gopher Plush - $3
Blue Easter Bunny - $2.50
Bass Pro Shops Raccoon - $4
Orange Turtle - $3
Large Penguin - $4
Small Penguin - $2
Green Monkey (makes noise when you press its belly; still works perfectly) - $5

*Will bundle the two penguins for $5

Fuzzy Panda Hat (fuzzy on the inside) - $8
Black "Canada" logo hat - $3
Fake Raccoon Hat (no actual raccoon was used in the making of this hat) - $4
Blue/Purple knitted cap - $3
Kawaii Ice Cream Sundae Hat - $7
Handmade Yellow Scarf (measures about 5 ft.) - $4
Large Black/White/Grey Fashionable Scarf (measures about 6 ft.) - $5
Brown/Tan Gloves (Selling two pairs) - $3
Purple/Blue Gloves - $3

Small Beanie Colorful Dolphin - $1
How To Train Your Dragon 'Toothless' Figurine - $1.50
Plastic Dinosaur Lot - $2 (or $0.50 a piece.)
Rocksound CD with 15 Songs - $4
2006 Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Digital Tamagotchi-esque Game - $5 (Still works perfectly, for more pictures, comment or PM)

Sea creatures design hat - $4
Pink knit beanie hat - $2
Black knit beanie hat w/ Georgia Bulldogs logo - $2
Black and White striped arm warmers/gloves - $2
Minky material fingerless gloves - $2

Realistic Turtle Puppet - $3
Angry Birds green pig (still makes noise) - $2
Black and White ZuZu Pet - $1 or free with any purchase
Club Penguin Disney Black Puffle plush - $1.50
Brown Horse - $2.50
Woodpecker Bird Plush (still makes noise) - $2
Baby Looney Tunes Road Runner plush - $5
Green Pin Point Impression Toy - $5 OBO

Small Button each - $1
Large Supernatural Button - $1.50
Bundle of 10 Small Supernatural Buttons - $7
10 Small SPN Buttons + Large Button - $8
**Will do bundle pricing for ANY buttons**

Supernatural Join The Hunt poster 24" x 36" - $5
The Story So Far SPN Official Magazine - $10
Dean Winchester Funko Pop Figure - $10

Thanks for looking!! ^-^

Permanent Pokemon Wants!

Hello! I'm looking for a few pokemon-related items so I thought I'd list 'em here to make things a bit easier. I'll update this as I go along, finding things I like/need. :D (Note: None of these pictures are mine, credit goes to the owners of the pics.)

Zubat Play By Play Plush

Sleepy Darumaka Cushion

Large Whismur Plush

Metal Whismur 1" Keychain (Not particularly interested in the others.)

Budew Pokedoll

Some sort of Large Poliwhirl Plush (i.e. Play By Play Poliwhirl)
Found! (I have the 8" one, I still want the 12"-14" one.)

Hasbro Poliwhirl Plush. He just looks so soft and fuzzy, I need one desperately!
<3 Found!

Poliwhirl PlushPlush AND Poliwhirl Pokedoll. (Picture is not mine, snagged it off of another LJ user's post. Credit goes to them.)

Nintendo Game Freak Poliwhirl Beanie Plush

Pokemon Center Poliwhirl Plush

Poliwag Ditto Plush

Bulbasaur Pokedoll

TOMY Aipom Plush

Permanent (Moslty) Pokemon Collection Post :D

Hi guys! So I've seen a lot of Pokemon Collection posts on here so I thought I'd throw mine in too. This post also has any items from Nintendo, Sanrio, Studi Ghibli, and other brands/companies that are based in Asian countries. I will be updating this as time goes on. Thanks :D

So we've got here a large Nintendo Mario Party Star plush, Cherubi, Psyduck, Minun and Drilbur plushies, Babomb Mario Party plushie, Pokemon Figurines (I'll list the names below), a water-type Pokemon egg that came with a Marill plush but I'm not entirely sure where that went to.. Anyways. And some Pokemon keychains that include Lugia, Turtwig, and Plusle.

The list of figurines:
-Cherrim (Sunshine Form)
-Tiny little Palkia

Some close-ups.

Close-up on those itty bitty keychains.

(For this pic, I'll be using a Muna figurine for size comparison.)
Alrighty, we've got two Nemuneko Sleeping Cat plushes, a Pusheen, two large soft Sushi Pillow plushies (egg and shrimp), a Soot Sprite pencil case, two little Soot Sprites on a leaf plushie, a large Domo-kun plush, a Domo-kun tote bag (which is lumpy because he contains my Pokemon plushies and figurines.), a large blue Sanrio elephant, a Sanrio Cinnamaroll plushie, a PonPon Purin Pillow Cushion, a Cotton Food Bread Loaf plush, and San-X Tare Squishy Panda plush.

My new Poliwhirl Tomy Nintendo DS Case Bag <3

Tiny little Pokemon figurines of Muna and Phione <3

My sister ordered this adorable Ditto cushion. Not technically mine, but still adorable. (Matchbox used for size reference.)

New 12" Cherubi, 8" Poliwhirl Play by Play plush, and Poliwhirl Poke Friends Club Plush.

That's all I've got for now, but more stuff is coming in the mail soon! Thanks for lookin'!